Welcome to RecuFood.

“turning food waste into clean energy”


Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, vegetables, fruit or sludge?
Packaged or not?
At RECUFOOD we process them all!


35 years experience

all permits

customs control

recovery of excise duties

central location

own transport

ample storage

Be it alcohol, soft drinks, fruit or vegetables. Pre-packaged or not… Recufood guarantees that all organic waste flows that come to us are processed into recynergy, an energy-rich product that is a very efficient ingredient for fermentation plants and green bio-energy. This may or may not be done under customs supervision. If desired, we can recover your excise duties or deposit. We also guarantee that your products will never appear on the market again.

We are fully equipped to collect your green waste with our transport fleet and give it a second life with VIP treatment.

For this purpose, all recipients are possible, such as bulk trucks, drop-off containers, pallet boxes, barrels, Lbc’s, palettes, gitter bins, water bottles etc.

Prepackaged drinks and food in glass, aluminum, PET, Tetra, plastic, paper or wood? We can process each of them in separate, self-developed production lines. The supply of sludge in bulk of all kinds of organic origin is also one of our popular processing specialties.

We have all the necessary customs permits to process excisable goods, and can provide certificates of destruction. We have also obtained all environmental and quality permits to demonstrate that, as a dynamic family business, we do not sell empty words. Sustainability is our trump card.


At Recufood, we first analyze the energy value of your products in our laboratory. They are then pre-sorted in our fully equipped buildings to our in-house developed processing facilities.


Do you brew beer, distribute champagne, wine, spirits or soft drinks? Do you trade in packaged or unpackaged fruits and vegetables? Then you are our suitable partner for the “organic inflow”.

Do you have a fermentation or biogas plant? Then you would be happy to use our fully purified “organic outflow”, the recynergy that our accomplished chefs put together.

Beverages, fruits, vegetables and food

past date, confiscated, expired, or discontinued certain promotions,...
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Excise Goods

alcoholic beverages, ranging from beer, wine, over champagne to spirits
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organic deposits
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Packaged or unpackaged

glass, aluminum, PET, Tetra, plastic, paper or wood
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Beverages, fruits and vegetables and food

Excise Goods

Packaged or unpackaged


With several decades of experience in organic waste and customs recognition, we are your reliable partner.

We give you peace of mind and the good feeling that your residual streams are being renewed in a socially responsible manner. We strive to excel in flexibility, and provide you with a personalized service.

In all our recycling activities, creating sustainability is paramount. We have our own quality system so that we are guaranteed to provide the best service and quality to all our customers and buyers.

With our own fleet of tankers, container transport and pallet transport, we always try to be “at the right place, at the right time”.

And with our customs approval, we guarantee the correct processing of organic customs goods.