Our customers

Trust us: "None of your organic waste goes to waste"....

Do you brew beer, distribute champagne, wine, spirits or soft drinks?
Do you deal in packaged or unpackaged fruits and vegetables?
Then you are our suitable partner for the "organic inflow".

Do you have a fermentation or biogas plant?
Then you will be happy to use our fully purified "organic outflow", the recynergy that our accomplished chefs put together.

With a few pints of expired beer, you can watch a full match of the Red Devils… including extensions. Recufood can take care of this.

Because of our customs permits for excise goods, part of our inflow consists of alcoholic beverages, ranging from beer, wine, over champagne to spirits. For these, we can recover excise taxes.

Are your beverages, fruits, vegetables or food past their date, seized, expired, or are you discontinuing certain promotions? We have the right destination for it.

Sometimes food has been rejected or recalled due to a manufacturing defect. Or are you struggling with a temporary overproduction? Contact us, and we will relieve you of all your worries.

We can also process all organic sludge in bulk and give it a second life.

For the outflow, we are a sought-after partner for digesters and biogas plants that process our recycling energy into green energy, or as an intermediate step to natural fertilizers.

All types of receptacles

Bulk carts, drop-off containers, pallet boxes, drums, Lbc’s, palettes, gitter trays, bidons etc.

Organic plant foods

Packaged and unpackaged: beers and soft drinks, fruits and vegetables, preserves, sauces, pre-packaged meals, briquettes, confectionery, pastries etc.

Option Customs

The destruction of the goods can be done under customs supervision. Recufood is also able to recover the excise duties. The goods in question are integrated into the recycling process and never reach the market again.